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The production capacity of garment factory is 12 million pieces of knitwear.

We are ready to produce volume orders as soon as possible, consistently maintain a high level of product quality that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Quality control!

  1. Control of the quality of our products is carried out at all stages of the production process. We have standard verification process during all process of production, before and after ironing of garments.


  1. The last quality control of products pass before laying in individual packaging. In particular, verify the consistency of information on inside and add-on labels.




Children’s knitwear:

– Baby (sliders, infants, caps, tank tops, overalls, vests) based on the eraser (riba), interlock, kulirnoy waste, kadefe with various finishing modes: collars, with a valve on the rivet, with poluvorotnikom witha button, printed and dyed ;

-Children products younger and older age groups for girls and boys (t-shirt short and long sleeves, shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, overalls, sweatshirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks), based on 100% kulirnoyglali flimsy and Lycra 95% cotton .5% e., 92% cotton. 8% e., Footer 3-thread fleece and without, with polyester and 100 HB., Pique, rib-eye, kadefe, interlocking wadding and dyed, striped cloth from dyed yarn.




Adult goods:


– Men’s T-shirt with short sleeves, long sleeves, polo shirts, turtlenecks;

– Men’s sports suits, trousers, shorts, pajamas;

– Women’s T-shirt with short sleeves, long sleeves;

– Women’s dresses with short sleeves and collar;

– Women’s turtleneck with short sleeves, long sleeves;

– Women’s T-shirts and breeches, shirts and shorts, skirts, pants with appliqué;

– Women’ssportssuits, jacketsshut