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Production capacity

– Cotton dressing cloth of 12 000 tonnes per year

– Painted linen 7200 tons per year.

The linen is made of high quality yarn of own production.


A wide range of knitted fabrics with their own warehouse, and make cloth custom-sewing enterprises.

You get the highest quality products, made with love and skill!


Current offers paintings, technological equipment of knitting and dyeing production, opens up unlimited possibilities for the realization of fashion design solutions, is expanding the commercial potential of network operators in the market of knitted garments.


Production facilities allow us to produce the bulk orders as soon as possible, consistently maintain a high level of quality that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.



The basic range as cotton and mixed cloths, which are readily available in the warehouses of the company, has more than 150 items: Ribeye (carded and combed), kulirnaya expanse – Suprem (carded and combed), Lacoste – peak (carded and combed) , interlock (carded and combed), footer with fleece and without fleece, velor, Salonika, of spandex and others.


We try to respond quickly to new trends in the fashion world, and are constantly improving technological park of machinery that allows us to make the web, using modern materials processing methods.

We can offer customers a knitted fabric, a water repellent, antibacterial impregnation, perfumed fabric with trendy flavors, mercerized fabric, with a soft and silky texture, with the properties of knitted silk fabrics and glossy surface.