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GOST 3640-94
brand Ц0А, Zn – 99.98%
brand Ц0, Zn – 99.975%

Production cycle:
 roasting the sulfide zinc concentrates in fluid-bed furnaces;
 leaching the zinc cinders and oxides with obtaining the zinc solutions and zinc cake;
 rotary-kiln operation for zinc cakes with producing the zinc oxides;
 clarification of zinc solutions;
 electrolysis of neutral clarified zinc solutions;
 re-melting the cathode zinc to obtain ingots.
Application range:
Galvanic coating, medicine, production of zinc-bearing alloy, production of paint and varnish items, machine building, construction, etc.
Form and packing:
Ingots having a mass of about 25 kg, packed as piles with a mass of not more than 1000 kg and not higher than 500 mm, tied up with a steel tape.
The metal zinc is made as per the GOST 3640 requirements, Ц0А and Ц0 brands.